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Reviews Hotel in Ca’n Pastilla

Reviews Hotel in Ca’n Pastilla

If you want more details about what our hotel in Can Pastilla can offer, do not miss these comments and opinions written about the Hotel Marbel. Our guests have wished to share their suggestions, recommendations and experiences here at our hotel in Playa de Palma with you.

 Marbel Hotel
  • Excellentsobre 9 opiniones
  • USA, 12/03/2019

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  • The Gambia, 04/02/2019 - <a href=""></a>

  • United States, 27/05/2015

    Friendly service! We have a wonderful time at the hotel , it has a great location close to the beach and also to the airport. Rooms were well equipped and comfortable. The hotel has small pool in the rooftop with sun chairs perfect for sunbathe .Breakfast was good, we also love the cafeteria ,coffee was great and cheap ! great ...

  • UK, 27/05/2015

    The hotel is ok ,not very fancy, but got everything you need, good balance of quality an price .Room where spacious and clean. friendly staff, good breakfast. Nice place!

  • YI, 25/09/2021

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  • españa, 10/05/2019

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